GLASS HOUSES            

GLASS HOUSES            

GLASS HOUSES by Joel Brenner mostly deals with the Cyber Insecurity, Privacy and Secrecy issues in a Transparent World. The author tells us about the threats and vulnerabilities to the Computer, Data communication and Technology fields in which most of us are pursuing a career. Brenner provides us a comprehensive view of a new kind of espionage and digital warfare which we need to deal with, from the cooperation of all government and private sectors.

Throughout the book, Brenner provides us case studies of different digital espionage that have occurred in the last few years. The government should start shoring up network security in both the government and private sectors and should start investing on Cyber-security and Data security technologies and should insist the network companies to be stricter in patching leaks The proliferation and transparency of personal data where huge amount of data is stored in one place with the idea of aggregating data also enables frauds.  Incidents like WikiLeaks sharing out confidential documents of U.S. hints at the urgency of this problem.

With technology moved into the front line of conventional and warfare in the world with availability of inexpensive and increasingly power network computers and ever growing data needs, this book provides us a close range of battleground on which our enemies are attacking us cyberspace which would help us to deal with the data espionage where information is diced and analyzed in microseconds.



Brenner, J. (2013). Glass houses: Privacy, secrecy, and cyber insecurity in a transparent world. NY, NY: Penguin Books.


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  1. @vamsi, I couldn’t agree more. We aren’t aware of the importance of having great security. I’m afraid that it will be too late once we all figure out what the consequences of weak security means for us on an individual and also on an institutional level. Great job!

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