The European Renaissance

The European Renaissance

The European Renaissance was a time in the 14th to 17th centuries that was a period of great societal growth and development. One of the most influential types of changes that occurred in this time was the focus on intellectual values and the inventions that stimulated it such as the printing press. With these changes, the Renaissance was able to to not only move society forward in their development of technologies, but in their education and intellectual mindsets.

The increase in the importance of intellectual development and learning has allowed many of the changes that we live in and experience today to have occurred. Without the developments that have been made possible by the focus on learning we would not have had the education to create technologies we use daily.

To me, the change to valuing intellectually studies is the defining trait of the Renaissance. Prior to this time, there was very little significance placed on learning by the majority of people. An influential change that was made in this time is that with the developments that were made to technology people had more time to specialize and research rather than simply work to survive. If we can specialize we are able to learn a subject to the point that we can become masters and share our knowledge with others, and thus increase the knowledge of the world and make it a better place for everyone to live.

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