Calling Home

“I’ll pretend this is the old Oregon Trail days – once you move to Indiana, you’re dead to me.” My boyfriend Daniel’s joking reply to my question of whether he’s going to make an effort to stay in touch once I left for graduate school started a conversation on the ease of communication we enjoy┬áin the Internet Age.


Now more than ever, traveling and moving don’t have to be the end of being a part of the life you had back “home”; social media allows us to share textual, visual, and auditory snapshots of our day-to-day.

A quick text “Good morning” can make the distance seem minimal. Advancements in communication technology bring the world closer together. While nothing can replace face-to-face, we live in a world where you can “be” with family and friends from miles away instantly. One life doesn’t end with moving to another part of the country, we can continue to exist in both places at once.

Lyric Comparative – “Jumbo” by Underworld
“Telephone breath between us
There are no borders between us
Only these wires”