CICS – Creating Leaders for the Information Age

Ball State University’s Center for Information and Communication Sciences is a master’s degree program that creates leaders at the intersection of business and technology. It provides an information and communications technology (ICT) foundation with practical business experience.


CICS enhances the lessons provided in the traditional ICT coursework with Student Social Learning Program (SSLP), giving master’s candidates the opportunity to increase their experience in the “soft skills”; these events emphasize things like business dinner etiquette and business networking. SSLP events include: alumni wine dinner, business golf outing, job interview training, and career option seminars. Even as business increasingly relies on technology for various functions, interpersonal communication skills continue to be an important trait in future hires.

By teaching students how to operate within the business environment, CICS creates the next generation workforce: they know the language of technology so that they can effectively do business in the modern world.

A testament to their ability to transform master’s candidates into successful professionals, CICS enjoys great support from their alum who regularly participate in events with current students.

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