• One of the limiting factors in the research and development of photovoltaic (PV) technology and the use of solar panels lies in the rare earth metal tellurium. This rare metal is generally produced as a byproduct […]

  • It appears that self-driving vehicles will be here quicker than anticipated. There have been many test runs, but autonomous vehicles without any human backup will be sent out to roads potentially as soon as early […]

  • I am going to continue the topic of R&D’s role in the world of energy. Geothermal is becoming a popular means of energy production across the globe. While geothermal may be efficient, there are countless e […]

  • RyanA wrote a new post, R&D – Energized, on the site RAngel 12 months ago

    Research and development regarding the distribution of stored solar energy has been a hot topic lately.  One of the largest national security threats lies in our power grid. This  was brought up in a reading for I […]

  • RyanA wrote a new post, ICS 698: Introduction, on the site RAngel 1 year ago

    Hello class,

    My name is Ryan Angel and I currently live in Muncie, Indiana. I am attending Ball State University to work on my Master of Science in Information and Communication Sciences. I will be moving to […]

  • Today we are in what is believed to be the Information Renaissance. Dr. Jay Gillette describes the information renaissance as, “a knowledge society driven by an information economy”  in his article […]

  • Human communication is the foundation upon which we as human beings express ourselves and converse with one another. Most people seem to have their own ideas about what human communication is or what it may mean […]

  • Plagiarism is not something that most science students seek out to intentionally do, however it is something that many students unintentionally do every year. When it comes to plagiarism, the old adage, “I would […]

  • RyanA wrote a new post, CICS and what it offers, on the site RAngel 1 year, 5 months ago

    The Center for Information and Communication Sciences is an intensive Master of Science degree offered by Ball State University. This degree consists of 38 graduate credit hours, whereas most degrees typically […]

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