CICS Prepares The Next Leaders

CICS Prepares The Next Leaders

Every time I talk with my colleagues at the Center for Informational and Communication Sciences CICS at Ball State University, I am amused by how smart and sophisticated these individuals are. All the candidates for master’s degree came from various backgrounds and have a different approach on how to solve complex problems in the field of information and communication sciences.

CICS prepares graduates to solve information and communication challenges in business, government, nonprofit organizations, consulting, and sales firms. It coaches graduate candidates to be the next leaders and architects of their field in the United States and around the world. The best way to describe CICS is that it is a bridge between businesses and communication. It connects both sides to achieve high results.

Graduates can obtain their master’s degree in 11 months and will be ready to join many companies that continue to recruit from the center. Companies such as ┬áIBM, AT&T, Salesforce,CISCO, Accenture, Allegient and many others continue to recruit graduates from the center because they know the graduates are prepared to join the market equipped with skills that they learned from the center.

Graduates learn how to solve problems, how to manage projects, build websites, how to lead projects that require teamwork, and diverse ways of interacting with different groups of individuals.

I am confident that graduates coming out of this center will be great leaders and make a meaningful impact in whatever industry that they will join.

CICS in the USA context presents exactly the mission of this center, preparing the next leaders in the field of information and communication sciences.


For more information on the program please visit Ball State University’s CICS page

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