An Attack in the Dark Web

An Attack in the Dark Web

In a web of information known as the Internet, diverse content is accessible to large populations of people through web servers. On February 3, a network of websites identified as the Dark Web on a hosting provider named Freedom Hosting II was hit by a cyberattack that left a large part of the network offline. The Dark Web is commonly used by black hat hackers and those who choose to keep their identity anonymous to distribute illegal and illegally obtained information and post on forums.

The Dark Web uses software technology that prevents access to the location of the servers and sites detection. This can create legal and policy issues in data flow and network systems; however, in it is believed that the information collected through this hack may be traceable back to the users of the forums on The Dark Web.

Anonymous has ties to this attack, which claims to have taken down one-fifth of the Dark Web. A previous hack conducted in 2013 by law enforcement led to prosecutions dealing with illegal activities.

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