A World Through ICS-Colored Glasses

A World Through ICS-Colored Glasses


At top of the stairs on the second floor of the Ball Communication Building, there lies a Center unlike any other.

Inside its doors, students live, work, and learn with one another about the bridge between technology and communication. They inhale professional wisdom and exhale personal stories. Students build relationships with faculty and their classmates that will last far beyond their time at Ball State University. However, they stay in the moment, because the Center for Information and Communication Sciences students understand how to manage disorganization and develop order.

This is where the story begins.

In a 38-credit Master of Science degree program, life becomes a laboratory for success.  Writing, speaking, and hands-on opportunities abound to the left and rightРliterally speaking, of course, due to the students spending time in the IRC on the left side of the hall, and the faculty in their offices on the right.

Moments call for problem solving, expanding knowledge, and building relationships in a constant manner.

In less than eleven months, a majority of these students will exit the doors and take their knowledge with them to the outside world, where the bridge they were taught becomes an integral part of their transition. Even more, they will teach and express that bridge with others.

Through networking opportunities, social learning programs, and coursework, students develop skills that design a multi-dimensional space to thrive and succeed.

Welcome to this world, the world I live in. Sophie’s World, in the Center for ICS.

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