IoT: Internet of … Trains

IoT: Internet of … Trains

Although it isn’t as prominent here in the United States, trains are a vital part of many peoples’ lives all across the world.  Trains are used for cross-country travel, daily commutes, and many other purposes.  Siemens AG, one of the world’s largest providers of railway infrastructure, serves rail operators in over 60 countries.  As of late, the have been using Big Data, sensors, and predictive analytics so they can come close to guaranteeing their customers close to 100% reliability on their trips.


Siemens has deployed this technology in Spain and Russia.  Since deploying it in Russia, they’ve only had 9 delays on the rail trips from Moscow to St. Petersburg–which includes 16 trains running multiple journeys each day.  The sensors on their Internet of Trains systems can monitor a wide array of aspects of the train process.  It can monitor engine temperature, whether the door is open or closed, to vibrations on the rails.  The data received from the sensors can be used to increase energy efficiency which can yield environmental and financial benefits.  “Not only can the performance of individual components be monitored to identify sources of inefficiency, but the overall status of a rail network can be monitored to ensure tracks are clear and all trains are where they should be.


Not only will this innovation help travelers and commuters get to their destination to their location with almost 100% reliability and on time, it will help out the planet out as well.  These types of trains are considered relatively environmentally friendly and with the new technology, Siemens claims that their railways will be as efficient as airlines.  I’ve had my fair share of plane and train rides; if it’s possible for me to take a train and know I’ll get to my location on time, I’ll pick the train every time.  And knowing it will help the planet in the process?  It’s an easy choice.


Check out all what Siemens is doing by clicking on the following links:

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  1. RS,
    An interesting post, on smart transportation, so-called. Information and communication technologies adds value to every industry.
    Good to focus on other global regions too, since in rail transport other regions are more advanced than our home regions. Studying their environments can help us forecast where our ICT environment “will be.”

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