Leadership vs. Management: An Important Dichotomy

Leadership vs. Management: An Important Dichotomy

It is said in the business world in the US that there is “too much management and not enough leadership”.   What does this mean?  What’s the difference?  Aren’t management and leadership the same thing?


After a thorough analysis of their roles, there is an important difference between the two.  What it comes down to is that there is not enough vision, and too much “doing”.


Leaders have a vision.  Managers are then meant to carry out a certain vision.  Without having a vision, or aiming where you want to go, you must try and try again.  There will surely be numerous trials done because it’s unlikely you’ll hit your target at first.  Leadership must provide a vision because if it fails to do so, continually missing the mark can become very timely and expensive!  However, this vision can be refined.  It isn’t set in stone.  Especially with the rapid changing environment that the Information and Communication Technology field is in, it is important for both managers and leaders to be agile and flexible in their processes.


Leaders set goals and direction, challenge the norm, and seek new ways of working towards goals.  On the other hand, managers are said to, on the other hand, maintain the status quo. Management principles, guidelines that top executives, functional managers, supervisory managers and other types can follow, are means by which they actually get things done through the effort of other people: this can be done with individuals, groups, or an organization as a whole.  There has been changing roles of management in recent history.  The traditional roles of management includes top managers making the decisions, leaving no empowerment for works to make their own choices.  Contemporary management styles include servant leadership, which gives empowerment to the individual people to make an impact on the bigger picture.




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