Technical Writing: How to Convey Your Message Effectively

Technical Writing: How to Convey Your Message Effectively

Technical writing may seem like a very complex concept at first glance.  However, a careful analysis of what you’re trying to accomplish can relieve some of the obstacles that come with technical writing.  An important step to take when beginning a technical piece of writing is to analyze your audience.  Think to yourself, “for whom am I writing?”.  This process is developing a persona: concrete aspects of a person’s personality and characteristics.  Analyzing your audience–dividing it into its component parts–gives you a better understanding of who you should target when writing your paper or document.  It’s important to start with the people that will have the most significant use of your document, and then branch out from there.  Having an emphasis on the type of people that will make use of your document, such as gold collar workers who are well educated and critical decision makers for their organizations, will give you an appropriate scope to which you can adhere.

In addition, it’s vital to ensure that there are conclusions and recommendations included in the paper.  Conclusions are what the reader can take away from what you have written.  This adds knowledge value to your audience.  To complement conclusions, recommendations are needed in order to explain how to do what you’re proposing to your targeted audience.  The reader won’t be given an inclusive approach to what you’re trying to say if you give the outcome and fail to provide steps on how to achieve it.  Another way to add knowledge value to a technical piece of writing is to consult views and ideas from respected sources in the field.  Not only is it important to have these viewpoints and frameworks of thinking, but it is necessary to add value to them by incorporating your own thoughts and ideas.  Combining what you’ve learned from other scholars and resources with your own perspective on the situation will yield a much more robust outcome than having a theory that only uses previously known information or just your own take on the situation.



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