ICS 698: Ryan Schoonover’s Introduction

ICS 698: Ryan Schoonover’s Introduction

My name is Ryan Schoonover, and I’m a 23 year old Master of Science Candidate at the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) at Ball State University.  I’m originally from Grand Haven, Michigan and completed my undergraduate degree at Alma College.  At Alma College, I was a double major in International Business Administration and Spanish, a member of the varsity soccer team, and a Spanish tutor and TA.  I chose to pursue my graduate education at CICS because of the pertinent curriculum, ample opportunity to learn, and the ability to further my education and leadership skills.

I look forward to taking ICS698 this summer because of the many skills that I can develop in a short amount of time.  I’ve accepted a position as an Application Consultant with Kronos Incorporated in Indianapolis, Indiana, and I plan to bring as much knowledge value to my team and the company as possible.  This course will teach me transferable skills such as project management, persuasiveness in research findings, and how to be actively praxical in the workplace.  Courses conducted by Dr. Jay Gillette provide graduate students with a way array of applicable assignments that help develop skills and knowledge that can be used in many different areas of work, education, and life.

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  1. RS
    good post with lots of information in a short space.
    Keep updating your observations as the course continues.

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