Blog About My Weblog

Blog About My Weblog

Throughout my first semester as a Master’s Candidate at the Center for Information and Communication Sciences, I was assigned to write do a weblog.  At first, I wasn’t very confident in my blogging skills and knowledge.  However, the more I did it, the easier it got.  I feel as if blogging gets a bad stereotype because it’s mundane and boring.  This is where I think the stereotype is wrong.

Using a blogging website can help someone think clearly and sort their ideas.  For instance, this assignment had some guidance(there were 4 themes that we needed to cover), but it wasn’t very limiting.  We were able to take the theme and take it in whatever direction we wanted.  If you go through our weblog site with everyone’s blogs, you can see everyone’s writing style and personalities throughout the posts.  They all cover the same topics in a sense, but they have different twists and are unique in their own ways.

Not getting to caught up in the “requirements” of a blog can really allow you to make the most out of your weblogging experience.  I found it very beneficial because we talk about all these interesting topics throughout the curriculum, but this allows us to gather our thoughts in a creative, tailored fashion.




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