Social Media Buzz and Web 2.0

Social Media Buzz and Web 2.0

The addition of user-generated content when it comes to the internet has had a large impact on how the world wide web looks today.  It was such a revolutionary concept to have bits and pieces of information added by people all around the globe that it needed it’s own new name–web 2.0.  Although the name “Web 2.0” is a little underwhelming, what it supplies to people is truly remarkable.  It is an important shift in the way digital information is created, shared, stored, distributed, and manipulate (Wolcott, 2008).

The use of social media is a large component of Web 2.0.  Way back in 2008–which was middle school for me–my friends and I began using the then social media giant MySpace.  We’d come home after school, log into our family computer, post comments to each other’s profiles and maybe even shuffle around our friends in our “top friends” section.  This seemed revolutionary at the time.  However, fast forward 8 years into the future and the times have changed drastically.  I have this less than a third of an inch thick smartphone that basically acts as my portable computer.  I can tweet, post to Facebook, post an Instagram, send snapchats to all my friends, update my work experience on LinkedIn among many other activities.  I can do this wherever I have data connection or connection to wifi.  Essentially, I’m able to post what I want to post at any point of the day.

The content of the internet has changed rapidly since the inception of all the user-generated phenomenon.  You ask, will this ever slow down?  There has to be some revolution along the horizon.  However, I feel as if that potential horizon is quite far away. It’s scary, but it’s not strange to see toddlers use iPads for games and middle schoolers with nicer smartphones than some adults.  With this influence of technology and the new found dependency on these devices, user-generated data is going to be around for the long haul.  

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