Enjoying The Whirlwind

Enjoying The Whirlwind

The development of the internet really yielded a plethora of options of how humans can communicate and transfer information.  However, as groundbreaking as it was, the current technologies that are currently booming and ever-expanding around us are equally as impressive and impactful.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that is currently revolutionizing how humans live on a day-to-day basis.  IoT, essentially, involves connecting devices with an on and off switch to the internet.  Consumers are beginning to just expect that certain technologies will be incorporated in their new toys and gadgets.  The implementation of these applications and innovations is relatively seamless; therefore, I’d like to take a step back from everything and explain how impressive IoT is.

IoT is becoming an integral part in many industries and many products today.  These applications range from connected smart watches that track key details while you’re running to smart fridges that have the ability to text you if you’re low on eggs while you’re at the grocery store: smart lighting in cities that can turn of street lights when there is no traffic or pedestrians walking past to connected cars that can perform software updates over the air without having to physically go to the shop.  The list of innovations continues to grow, and more items are becoming connected to the internet.  Some innovations may seem like “bells and whistles”–which isn’t necessarily a bad thing–but there are other innovations that truly have the ability to make the world in which we live a more efficient and advanced place.

So next time you get a notification on your smartwatch, take a second to realize that we’re in a whirlwind of technological innovation–and it’s pretty incredible.





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