CICS–How It Prepares Students To Succeed In The US

CICS–How It Prepares Students To Succeed In The US

To some people, it may not seem like the world in which we live is heavily dependent on technology.  People unknowingly are using wifi to send out tweets, post controversial statements on Facebook, and chat with their friends over a cell phone connection.  Taking these luxuries for granted can be easy to do.  However, there are a certain set of graduates that know the importance of information and communication technologies and how to deal with the problems that arise in this field.

The skills that the Master’s Candidates develop at the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) at Ball State University allow them to make a meaningful impact in the Information Technology Services industry all over the United States.  Numerous companies, both large and small, continually come back to recruit the graduates from the program.  Companies such as IBM, AT&T, and Accenture among others trust that these graduates are equipped with the knowledge and professionalism that it takes to solve problems and lead effectively in such a dynamic industry.

The aforementioned companies are large companies that do business all over the states, and beyond.  CICS produces professionals that are capable of taking on challenges across the United States.  What’s so impressive about CICS is that the Master’s Candidates come from a wide array of backgrounds.  It’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to find two students that have the same previous work experience or educational background.  And this unique characteristic, is what makes CICS so special.  Each student has their own strengths and interests, and has the ability to tailor their experience and learning objectives to those specific goals they have for themselves.  From learning the technology side of the industry to learning how to think and communicate effectively with coworkers and end-users, CICS graduates making a meaningful impact in whatever company or field they may enter.




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