ICS 698: Introduction

ICS 698: Introduction

Hello class,

My name is Ryan Angel and I currently live in Muncie, Indiana. I am attending Ball State University to work on my Master of Science in Information and Communication Sciences. I will be moving to the South Bend area next month to work in research compliance for a university and anticipate graduating in July of 2017.

I studied Geology and Chemistry during my undergraduate education at Ball State University. Upon graduation I ended up working as a Chemist for a dietary supplement company and quickly began aiding in the production of protocols with the R&D team there.

I came to CICS to get the communication skillset in addition to the technology and project management experience that the Center touches on. These skills are in increasingly high demand in the science industry with there being a lack of qualified candidates to fill the void. I am excited to learn about R&D management and to see the myriad of ideas I can take from this class and immediately apply to my future as a research coordinator.

Please add me to your LinkedIn so we can stay in touch throughout our careers:



One thought on “ICS 698: Introduction

  1. RA,
    good intro post.
    ICS 698 R&D Management is right on the mark for what you are doing professionally.

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