Life in the Information Renaissance

Life in the Information Renaissance

Today we are in what is believed to be the Information Renaissance. Dr. Jay Gillette describes the information renaissance as, “a knowledge society driven by an information economy” ¬†in his article titled¬†Leadership for the Information Renaissance: Clarity, Challenges, Opportunity.


One of the key points Dr. Jay Gillette made regarding the Information Renaissance is the section titled, “Information Networks: The Key to the Information Renaissance”. This means that we are inherently a part of the network of information networks – every thing around us consists of varying amounts of information moving between sender and receiver. The second part of this consists of social networks and how they function as information networks as well.

Information networking engulfs our lives daily, whether we realize it or not. Being able to correctly acknowledge and interpret the information constantly moving around us is key in being able to thrive in today’s Information Renaissance. The ability of which one can interpret the mass amounts of information being thrown at them is a function of how well we can communicate with other professionals.

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