Plagiarism as a Scientist

Plagiarism as a Scientist

Plagiarism is not something that most science students seek out to intentionally do, however it is something that many students unintentionally do¬†every year. When it comes to plagiarism, the old adage, “I would rather be safe than sorry” can be of the utmost importance.

One of the key ways to avoid plagiarism is to properly site your sources according to whatever format the guidelines for your paper specify. Some of these include MLA, APA, and Chicago/Tiburian formats. It is very important to look at the key differences between these, as they can seem similar at a glance if you are unfamiliar with them. These formats ensure that you are giving the proper credit to whom it is deserved. In addition to proper formatting, making sure that you use quotes when directly quoting a reference, in addition to using an in-text citation when you use a similar idea but rephrase it.

These steps can help ensure that none of your work gets flagged for plagiarism and that everyone is receiving the credit that the deserve

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