CICS and what it offers

CICS and what it offers

The Center for Information and Communication Sciences is an intensive Master of Science degree offered by Ball State University. This degree consists of 38 graduate credit hours, whereas most degrees typically require around 30. In addition to this, the degree can be completed under a rigorous 11 month plan to expedite the process of getting the professionals they create in to the real world.

The Center, as it is often called within the program, gives students the opportunity to flourish in an environment that stresses the importance of the intersection between business and technology. Often-times there is a lack of communication in work-place between business and tech savvy employees. The Center aims to bridge the aforementioned gap in an effort to have their students to be liaisons for communications about technology in the work-place. Being able to simplify complex concepts to your superiors is an important skill that the Center teaches.

The Center for Information and Communication Sciences will accept students from all undergraduate backgrounds and aims to create professionals in the business and technology industry. The program is diverse enough to be applicable to a myriad of backgrounds outside of this as well.

If you are interested, more information can be found about CICSĀ here.

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