What it takes to become a Leader

What it takes to become a Leader

There are a ton of books and articles about leaders and how to become a better leader. Many people think that leading is difficult and that they have never done it before. I would tell them that everyone is a leader and that they lead themselves every day.

Rita Allen, a writer for HuffPost, discusses the top ten competencies for LEADERSHIP.¬†After reading this article and hearing the competencies, I would have agree. In today’s market, understanding what leadership skills are and knowing about associated competencies, are almost required. Since this article was written during an election year, there was a lot of deliberation on who would make a great leader.

Allen says that “Not only do they all have the commonality of being passionate visionaries who are able to influence others in a positive way, they have successfully defined, built and articulated their personal brand that sets them apart as leaders in their craft. Great leaders know their differentiator and the value they offer. Their personal brand is clearly identified and everything they do reflects that brand and is part of their legacy.” (Rita Allen, 2017)



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