Research and Development Special Focus

Research and Development Special Focus

During the month of May, R&D Magazine took a special focus on graphene, featuring potential applications, challenges and specific organizations dedicated to furthering the development of the material.

In 2004, graphene was first isolated. Graphene is a one-atom thick, 2D crystal material extracted from graphite. The University of Manchester, founder of graphene, have over 250 researchers working on graphene for over 70 industry partners, including Rolls-Royce, Samsung, and Sharp. There is a article¬†called “What’s Next for Graphene R&D” that highlights reports from a market research firm IDTechEx on the graphene market today and possible future trends.

Several other articles and magazines have discussed applications for graphene. One article, How Graphene Could Help Auto Manufacturers, successfully fabricated a lighter hood created from graphene into a Chevy Camaro, proving the cutting-edge material can work on a consumer car.

Another article, Graphene Sensor Could Help Predict Asthma Attacks, sends sensors that can be incorporated into a device that alerts a person with asthma when and at what dosage to take their medication.



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