CICS program in USA context

It’s not just what CICS can do for you, but what you can do for CICS

Quinn Sheridan

The Center for Information and Communication Sciences at Ball State University was founded in 1986 with the hopes of providing students at the graduate level with top-of-the-line technologies and a high tech environment and curriculum to develop the leaders of the future. As technology continues to change and improve in business, government, education, and nonprofit organizations across the board there are a number of challenges brought to the work environment. There needs to be an expectation of constant education after the classroom for all students entering the work force.

What makes a CICS candidate

The values of CICS are mapped out in acronym form: Communication, Integrity, Creativity, and Service. Communication is a necessary skill and although it seems to be something basic, it’s a difficult skill to teach. Our communication abilities are always developing as we have different experiences in our personal and professional lives. We are influenced by our relationships and the different life scenarios that put our skills to the test. As a professional it is critical that everyone can effectively communicate with their team and their clients to get the best outcome for their company. Can you come into this program with the ability to lead groups and participate as a team player? Can you ask the right questions when they need to be asked to get the job at hand done? Can you network and make professional connections in formal and informal settings?

Do you have the integrity to make ethical, professional decisions under pressure? Can you be a leader and always make decisions with your personal and business values in mind? Will you hold the people around you to the highest expectations to perform to the best of their ability, and with honesty and accountability?

Are you willing to think outside the box in solving problems in all areas? Can you be flexible and adaptive to the fast paced technology industry and the constant educational demand it insists? Can you think of new, innovative ways to meet consumer needs?

Do you work to provide a real service to the world? Are you willing to invest your time, money, and energy to give back to the community? Can you make a real difference in the world around you with your talents and efforts?

The Center for Information and Communication Sciences provides an incredible network of working professionals that continue to come back and assist in the output of top notch industry leaders. The experienced faculty provides a challenging, immersive learning experience that turns out the highest quality of problem solvers and leaders. Are you ready to go out into the workforce as the go-to person for your employer?