Team Research Report: R4 Writing Suggestions and Change in Assignment

As many of you are aware, this website rewrite project is a project that is actually in the process of being carried out by all programs within CCIM. I was part of a meeting Friday with representatives from the different departments and programs and representatives from the journalism program that are running the project. I took a lot of notes on what they’re looking for so I wanted to share to see if this would help the class.

Writing Suggestions:

    • The flowchart diagram you should have gotten is helpful in looking at all the pages attached to the CICS department is very helpful. It’s the one we used to identify the 26 pages. We have been informed that we are not responsible for writing the pages for Academic Programs, Admissions, or Assistantships & Financial Aid. This puts us at 15 pages instead of the 26.
    • When writing ask yourself: What is the audience looking for? How do you give them what they’re looking for. It can be difficult now that we’re well into the heat of CICS to realize we have different perspective. What made you want to join CICS? What is a candidate looking for from us to get them to apply?
    • There should be a lot of focus on the About Us page to really get across the information we want about CICS
    • It also seems we have more control over specific design than I had at least understood before. We have a say if we want some things like tabs, accordions (menu type), photo placement, specific photos, and breakout boxes (for emphasis on specific information). A lot of this is covered in the documentation you were given.

Read this, consider it, and let your teams know.

Thanks everyone!

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