R&D to change communication in an industry — Construction

Research and Development is an area that requires attention and funding so that companies can maintain current business and find new ways to operate that separate them from competition. One of the most exciting ways that R&D can come into play is in changing the overall communication of an organization. Construction is an industry that’s generally late to technology. In terms of communication technologies this makes sense when looking at the fact that most new buildings have no WiFi available. With improvements in routing technologies and WiFi hotspot capabilities, as well as, improvements in smart mobile devices and cellular internet access, there are much more mobile business opportunities.

Procore Technologies is a company that is taking advantage of these opportunities and specifically the opportunities in the construction industry. There are many project management platforms out there that organizations use for task management within their business operations such as: Workfront, ServiceNow, and JIRA. Within a business these systems help move tasks from one area to another as needed, like in software development tasks can be moved from project manager to developer to quality assurance. Construction is no different in the sense that there is a general contractor on site then a lot of different sub-contractors doing things like painting, drywall, and plumbing. Communication in construction is key with all of these different entities, and unlike software development in some cases, everything has to be done within a certain order. Drywall can’t be hung before electricians get in to do the wiring within walls.

Procore has looked at the situation in construction and developed a solution that takes this project management/task management approach to the industry. They’re solution comes to help in a lot of ways with: project management, quality and safety, and construction financials. With all of the paperwork moving between trades and between the site and offices, this software helps make the process more efficient and fast. Check out a video at this link that shows how users can upload blueprint drawings:  https://www.procore.com/solutions/drawings-and-specs.php. From the drawing a user could draw something marking, for example, a hole in drywall in a specific room and sending the repair as a task to a specific person. You can also read more about Procore as a startup in this Forbes article covering the business and its financial success:   https://www.forbes.com/sites/amyfeldman/2016/10/19/procore-founder-builds-construction-management-software-firm-to-55m-revenues-by-refusing-to-fold/#2e1bf1e21934 .

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  1. QMS,
    A thoughtful post, with an interesting take on how R&D is changing a traditional industry.

    Good use of links.


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