Royal Caribbean: Tech Giant of the Seas

The internet is a service that the general consumer is expecting everywhere in the world today. Smart Homes, Smart Cars, Smart Cruise Ships? Royal Caribbean is one of the biggest luxury cruise line companies in the world that has the largest cruise ships currently in existence. One area that they are raising the bar is in their technology focus.

In 2011, Royal Caribbean began work with O3b Networks. O3b is a satellite communication provider that works with telecom operators, ISPs, government entities, and enterprise customers. They operate medium earth orbit satellites which reside much closer to earth’s surface than the average satellite. This tight distance allows them to send a signal with much lower latency and much higher throughput. In assisting Royal Caribbean these satellites don’t send a general broadcast signal, they follow the path of a designated ship the whole way with a direct signal. Tech Crunch toured one of the ships and read a connectivity speed of 600 Mbps.








Latency & Throughput







With this exceptional internet connectivity at sea this makes Royal Caribbean the cruise line with the fastest internet. They advertise this internet as their Voom internet package. This is a game changer for a younger generation allowing easy access to social media, video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, online gaming, and Skype. This faster internet also helps to support the cruise lines mobile services like the Calendar app, which allows passengers to plan out their trip and schedule shore excursions and dinner reservations. Royal Caribbean is putting themselves in a league of their own.

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