Information Renaissance

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines renaissance as “a situation or period of time when there is a new interest in something that has not been popular in a long time” or “a period of new growth or activity”.

This definition is perfect in playing into the concept of the “Information Renaissance”. Right now we are seeing the rapid increase of internet of things devices. We as consumers expect the devices we are purchasing to have the ability to connect with the internet and to connect with each other. As the number of devices continues to grow exponentially, we are outputting extreme loads of “big data”.


This unorganized data presents an incredible opportunity for both consumers and businesses. A Forbes article referenced “All new John Deere tractors are equipped with sensors that can help the company understand how the equipment is being used, and predict and diagnose breakdowns.  But they’ve also put the sensors to work for the farmers, offering access to data about when to plant, where, the best patterns for ploughing and reaping, and more. It’s become an entirely new revenue stream for an old company.”

The information we are putting out there can be harvested in so many ways. Businesses that try to say that information is not a part of their business opportunities are just naïve.

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