What Makes a Master: ICS602 2016, Section 1

What Makes a Master: ICS602 2016, Section 1

At the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS), one of the required courses in the student curriculum is ICS602 – Human Communication (taught by Dr. Jay Gillette). The class covers topics related to the title of the course, human communication, with an emphasis on professionalism and management. At the end of each semester, the students, working in teams, participate in an activity in which each of them provides a “characteristic of a master”. Below is the list of the teams of students, including their members’ names, as well as the collective list of characteristics that the students of the first section of the ICS602 2016 class created:

Team 1 – Nick Doub, Colin Hindman, Matthias Tankersley, Vamsi Vadranam
Team 2 – Zach Bingham, Bonnie Greene, Safar Saydshoev, Dallas Stiller
Team 3 – Brennan Bookmyer, DS Davlyatov, Rick Eber, Ryan Ulrick
Team 4 – Ross Davis, Quincey Hickok, Jason Liu, Douglas Narramore
Team 5 – Ryan Angel, Nick Griggs, Gage Parkhurst, Huso Selimovic

The Characteristics of a Master (ICS602 2016 Section 1) – Discourse took place on the night of 12/6/2016

A Master:

  1. Is self-disciplined (Team 1)
  2. Breaks things that aren’t broken to facilitate change (Team 1)
  3. Has a vision (Team 1)
  4. Is proficient (Team)
  5. Thrives on change (Team 2)
  6. Provides leadership (Team 2)
  7. Manages his or herself (Team 2)
  8. Takes initiative (Team 2)
  9. Understands the value of the depth of one’s competent contacts and develops their own contacts (Team 3)
  10. Is an innovator (Team 3)
  11. Is an effective communicator (Team 3)
  12. Is a strongly developed listener (Team 3)
  13. Has two intelligent things to say about anything (Team 4)
  14. Supports others (Team 4)
  15. Fails forward (Team 4)
  16. Has spent more time than their colleagues on their craft (Team 4)
  17. Is analytical (Team 5)
  18. Is a teacher (Team 5)
  19. Practices integrity (Team 5)
  20. Knows what they don’t know (Team 5)

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