Prepared for the New U.S. at CICS

Prepared for the New U.S. at CICS

According to a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately twelve percent of the U.S. population has attained an advanced degree. This is less than half of the percentage of those with bachelor’s degrees (32%). At the Center of Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) of Ball State University, approximately 80 students are studying to attain a Master of Science in Information and Communication Sciences. With two years’ worth of coursework condensed into just eleven months, the process if often arduous. Therefore, the question should be asked: is it all worth it? Furthermore, what will an M.S. from CICS facilitate in the context of the U.S.?

The answer can be derived from examining the recent trends of the U.S. We live in an age in which technology is paramount to operating a successful business; we have seen the impact of debilitated networks on profit via many cyber attacks. As the world becomes more advanced, so too will the problems. Here lies the crux of what CICS offers to its students. While all students graduate with a solid technical background and many with further specialties, the team based nature of CICS and the emphasis on solving real- world problems facilitate understanding of what the country truly requires of us.

An excellent point was provided to the class of ICS 602-02, Human Communication, instructed by Dr. Jay Gillette. Dr. Gillette implored us to begin viewing ourselves from the executive level; many with bachelor’s degrees enter management roles, but only a precious few attain executive levels without advancing their education level. This kind of thinking differentiates CICS graduates from all others; we are willing and able to answer the questions and solve the problems that many others are unwilling to. Of course not one of us will enter any organization on that level, but we are on the right track with the right frame of mind.

Compared to the competitors of CICS from around the country, CICS’ placement rates are exceptional; over 90% of graduates find full time employment within at least six months of graduation. Overall, CICS prepares graduates for the types of problems encountered in every organization across the country. So to answer plainly, the education received at CICS will prepare us to solve the problems of the nation’s businesses and is therefore most definitely worth it.

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