Lights Out………and Everything Else Follows…..

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to people that everything is being controlled through the Internet. As IoT devices become common place and US citizens become ever more dependent on their smart phones and the Internet, it should become clear that even the huge things in our society are being controlled over the internet. What might not be as clear, the fact that one piece going down will have a domino effect on the rest of the system that we rely on.

It’s obvious that we are a society that runs on electricity. The entire country has become very dependent on power, without it, everything we have built will come to a grinding halt. Power goes down, communications end, Dr. Kovac won’t be able to get his Facebook messages, stores won’t be able to get shipments, and it won’t be long before people take to the streets.

One of the key points that Ted Koppel makes in the book is that we need to build security into our plans, not just add security after the fact. Keeping our networks secure should be the first thoughts into building a network. If the network is not secure, nothing on that network is secure. He also points out that no network is going to be totally safe and the amount of attacks and attackers is only going to increase, and so should the security measures.  If we don’t start to focus on network security, we are going to find ourselves sitting in the dark……

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