Information Renaissance

Information Renaissance

Renaissance shifted the way people think in Europe. It brought information and showed men a different society and different points of view. The information renaissance is what happening to us now, it is the information that is readily available to anyone, giving us knowledge about any area. Jay Gillette differentiated the renaissances by saying, ” in the earlier renaissance, I hypothesize trade came first and information followed. Today I hypothesize that information comes first, and trade follows” (p.5).

Today we have access to search engines that allows us to learn  about things that are happening across the world in seconds. We are moving at a pace faster than ever, and the industry had to adequate to the faster speed. Through the finding of new information, the fast press release, the spread of news, and the fact that the world is connected through one network – the ethernet – has allowed many products and businesses to develop.

How many of us today, before going to the doctor actually googles their symptoms and learns about the condition they might have? We even have online doctors that will not require you to physically leave your home. How are we so busy that we do not have the time to go see a doctor and take care of ourselves? Our lack of time is due to the fact that we are connected at all times. The information renaissance provides you with knowledge from your boss, friends, coworkers ,and plenty of work from any place. We have reached an area that is impossible to disconnect.

You can think about any topic, absolutely anything, type it in the internet and learn more about it. It is up to us to filter the knowledge available out there and use it in our advantage.

The information renaissance also created a new range of jobs, changing the economy not only through them, but through individual’s necessity of fast reinforcement and fear of boredom. The new generation does not like waiting. We want something, and we want it now. Our brains need to be stimulated at all times, and this has completely shift the way the world works today.

The information renaissance is here, now. It is fast, needy, and we feed it every day by dehumanizing the human race.


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     Retrieved December 5, 2016.

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