OPiN Project Plan

OPiN Project Plan

In ICS 698, our team was tasked with creating new content and fresh design for the CICS website. We named our company OPiN, which is a mash-up of the two words “open innovation”. At OPiN we value creative thinking and innovation, because without it we would be at a stand-still in our society. Every week we are required to complete a project report that details where we are and where we expect to be with our project in the coming weeks.

Last week our goal was to create a clear and concise project plan along with a detailed project schedule or timeline. Creating these reports helps prepare us for the real world, and helps to get us used to dealing with project reports. The project scope is basically an overview of the project and what needs to be done, while the problem statement is a short statement about what is needing fixed or updated and why. Below you will find OPiN’s project scope and problem statement related to the CICS website project.

1.0 Project Scope

1.1 The Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) at Ball State University needs to be updated with fresh content for their website. The content will relate to various topics such as: program overview, major requirements, courses, tuition, and more. During this process we will research the content and come together with our findings to prepare a final version of content for the CICS website.

2.0 Problem Statement

2.1 The Center for Information and Communication Sciences has requested our help in creating and delivering updated website content for the new CICS website. The new CICS website will aim to get the viewer to their desired destination as quickly as possible. The current website is confusing and it takes a lot of different clicks and links to get where you need to go, so the new website will aim to be organized, clear, and informative.


If you’d like to see the current CICS website before updates, click here

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