The Cure for the Screen Cracking Epidemic

The Cure for the Screen Cracking Epidemic

If you are like me, you keep a sturdy and durable case on your phone at all times because the fear of cracking or shattering your phone screen is too great, and it is usually too expensive to fix. But fear no more, a new “miracle material” is coming out and being tested and used with new smartphones. This miracle material “has similar physical properties to Silicon but it has improved chemical stability, lightness and flexibility, which could potentially be used in smart devices and would be much less likely to break,” (Santos, E. 2017). Most current smartphones are made with silicon among other materials which makes them more expensive, while also making them easier to break.

Motorola conducted a survey in 2015 to gain a better understanding of the screen cracking epidemic. According to their survey, 50% of people globally have cracked their smartphone screen, and 42% of people that have cracked their phone screen say it was too expensive for them to get it fixed. Fun fact: 7% of the people that responded that had broken phone screens say it happened while taking a selfie!

Motorola Survey, 2015.

There is still more R&D to be done with this new “miracle material” for smartphones before it can be released. The research and the new model are looking very promising for the future of smartphones, though. Elton Santos, who holds a Ph.D. from Queen’s University’s School of Mathematics and Physics, said, “the model made several assumptions that have proven to be completely right”. Continuing the research with this material and phone template will ultimately help end the screen cracking epidemic by getting rid of the expensive and breakable material and replacing it with newer, lighter, and more durable material.

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