The Era of Information at our Fingertips

The Era of Information at our Fingertips

Since the beginning days of the Internet in the 1970’s, we have been able to communicate at an intensity and level that we have never seen before. Information and communication are constantly at our fingertips for us to grasp and do what we want with it.

Before the internet, obtaining the information that you need could have taken hours or days to find. If you were doing research, you would have to use actual books from the actual library (scary, I know). If the library did not have the book you were searching for, then you were out of luck. Now, we just type our question or topic into Google or a similar search engine and we have millions of links that contain information on our topic. With smartphones we have the ability to receive information almost anywhere on this planet.

The Information Renaissance not only provides us with copious amounts of information whenever we want it, but it also helps organize and improve our world. Every industry has been impacted by the growth and expansion of technology and information. For example, technology allows those in the medical profession to become more efficient and more precise because of the capability of the technological machines that are used in hospitals. Companies can now become more organized and able to share information faster than ever. There are so many advantages to the Information Age that we are in that it would be impossible to list them all.


One disadvantage of the Information Age is that some think it might be pushing humans further apart from each other rather than bringing them together. Baby boomers are finding it harder to transition into the era of technology because they grew up without most of the things that we now take for granted, like the internet and cell-phones. A common thing that I have heard people say is that we are all becoming robots addicted to technology, which I disagree with. Just because something is new and unfamiliar doesn’t mean that it is bad.

If we resist changes to our world and society at every step, how are we ever going to get better? People are always scared of change at first, but the changes that the Information Age is bringing are not bad. It is enabling us to do so much more in all realms of our daily lives – work, school, and personal, and I am so excited and optimistic for what the future of this Information Age has to offer us.

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