Morgan Crutcher Professional Introduction

May 23, 2016

Hello, my name is Morgan Crutcher and I am an Information and Communication Science master student with 4+ years of experience in information technology, adult learning, and research design. I am highly skilled in developing aesthetic learning materials, program planning, and analysis. I currently possess two bachelor’s degrees one in Marketing, and the other in Psychology. In July, I will finish my Masters in Information and Communication Science. My research interests include item response theory, autism spectrum disorders, computer self-efficacy and security protocol in higher education, and smart cities. I take particular interest in statistical analysis and research design, as that was the focus of my second undergraduate degree. As an ICS professional, I am pursuing a career in Instructional Design and Academic Technologies. I believe that career path will allow me to utilize all of the various skills I have developed through education and professional experience.

Eventually, I would like to pursue my Ph.D. in Educational Research Methodology or Educational Psychology. There is often a misconception about those who pursue degrees in educational psychology. There are really two sides of the coin, one section of educational psychology focuses on the school psychology and the other section focuses on research methodologies and statistical analysis as the relate to an educational setting. My focus would be on the psychometrics portion of educational psychology and once I have completed my Ph.D. I would be a statistician.

In my spare time, I try to spend time with my family, my dogs and attempting to relax (which is relatively hard to do when one is completing a masters degree in 11 months).

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