What’s on Your Agenda?

What’s on Your Agenda?

A thorough agenda is what separates an average meeting from a great meeting. An agenda sets the tone for the meeting. A meeting that is lacking an agenda is a on a one-way street to Unproductivity-ville. Below you will find an example of what should be on your meeting’s agenda.

  1. The information of the organization or company with accurate contact details and the date of the meeting. This acts as an official record, documenting the meeting.
  2. Welcome: The welcome includes the name of the person who is running the meeting. This introduction should be brief but also somewhat casual – easing attendants into the setting of the meeting.
  3. Team Management: The review of the project’s status and focus is to be discussed.
  4. Tasks: This section includes new and on-going assignments.
  5. Additions: In this section, anyone attending the meeting can now add anything that is related to the meeting.
  6. Review of Action Items: In this section a revision of past, present, and future action items (personal assignments) is discussed.
  7. Adjourn: The meeting is formally ended. 

By implementing and following these steps, your meeting can now be as efficient as possible.

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