PM Essentials

PM Essentials

To be a good project manager (PM) one must possess a variety of traits and attributes. This post will look over what those exact traits are, and why they are so crucial for the job.

  • Leadership: While this one may be a bit obvious, it is important to highlight because it encompasses the entire essence of the title project manager. If a PM lacks the ability to lead, then projects will not get done on time or even at all.
  • Communication: Without proper communication a project will fail to achieve its optimum potential. A good PM should be the lubricant for communication among the team.
  • Flexibility: While there is always a project plan, there are also usually unforeseen situations that arise. When these surprises pop up it is important to be able to adjust the plan and schedule if need be.
  • Organized: The PM sets the tone for the project, and an unorganized PM leads to  an unorganized project. Good organizational skills help streamline projects.
  • Honesty: Some say honesty is the best policy – and I believe this holds true to PMs as well. Workers who have faith in their leader will go above and beyond their call of duty.

The above are only a few of the may traits that successful project managers should possess. These traits are essential to projects and their outcome.


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