R&D: A Military Presence

R&D: A Military Presence

It has recently been reported that the United States Air Force has increased its R&D budget for the next fiscal year. The Air Force’s 2017 budget was $171 billion, and they are looking at obtaining $183 billion for 2018. Of that overall budget, just over $25 billion is bookmarked for R&D. While at a glance this might look like a drop in the bucket, it is over 13% of the overall budget of one the nation’s largest military branches.

Many may be quick to assume that President Trump is behind this budget increase, but this¬†was actually an order from the Obama Administration. I believe this increase is a great example of many things (among them being military power…), but particularly for the demand and importance of R&D. Organizations big and small have a need for both research and design. You can also tell a lot about a business by the effort they put into these¬†particular departments.


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