Upholding Values for the Greater Good

Upholding Values for the Greater Good

Ball State’s Center for Information and Communication Sciences graduate program is one of the leading programs in its field. The program’s professors offer diverse backgrounds that span across numerous professions. The mission of the program is to provide leadership at the intersection of business and technology through Education, Research, and Experience.  The Center also holds their four core values to the highest degree – these values include; creativity, integrity, communication, and service.

Looking at these core values from a sociological perspective can reveal their relationship with the United States of America. The U.S. prides itself on its creative ability. We idolize the likes of Steve Jobs for creating products that shape our lives, as well as film directors that help us forget our troubles for a mere two hours. While some may say that integrity has gone by the wayside, we as a nation still hold our leaders, and ourselves, responsible for being professional and honest. The ability to communicate with others in a respectful way helps our society  accomplish tasks and grow. As a society we strive to improve the quality of life for not only ourselves but also each other by doing acts of service. These values are found all across our nation, and citizens should continue striving to achieve values such as these.

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