Giving and Receiving Feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Last week in CICS I learned about giving and receiving feedback in the project management field. Many of us will be stepping into roles or will be in the future where we will need to evaluate others’ performance. Regardless if you are in a management position in your career it will also be important to seek and receive feedback.

When you are responsible for giving feedback to people in your company, the following standards will be helpful in guiding you. Firstly, before the meeting have the employee fill out a self-appraisal. Be sure to cover the entire time since the last appraisal. Also keep in mind scheduling your meetings so they are not back to back and you have ample time with each person. The physical location should also be somewhere appropriate to have a private conversation.

During the meeting, make sure to start the conversation positive by recognizing good performance. Give the employee a change to talk and ask them about their accomplishments and areas for improvement. Set goals with them and create an action plan. Lastly, after the meeting, follow up by giving frequent feedback and following through with the set goals.

The five guidelines below will also help you to receive feedback in your position.

  1. Seek regular feedback from your boss. This will signal that you value your position to your boss.
  2. Be genuine in your desire to learn. Asking for feedback and not using that feedback will send the message that you only want to be perceived as caring about your performance, but are not following through.
  3. Develop good relationships with your manager and those you manage. This will make asking direct questions and receiving honest answers easier.
  4. Find trustworthy peers in addition to your boss that can give you reliable feedback.
  5. Be gracious. It is sometimes hard to receive feedback that is not always positive. Your goodwill with the person giving you feedback could be damaged by reacting negatively.

Remember, being a technology leader means constant learning and improvement. Whether it is for a specific project, your overall performance, or others’, seeking and sharing feedback will help you thrive in the fast paced field of ICT.


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