R&D Project Management Plan: Deliverables

R&D Project Management Plan: Deliverables

Currently, in the R&D Capstone Seminar at the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS), we are learning how to manage a project as a R&D entrepreneurial company. I am a part of Team 3, which we named OPiN Consulting. Last week we delivered a project management plan and schedule.

It was helpful to learn how to sit down and draft a plan of action for our project; which consists of generating new content for the CICS website. I think this is valuable heading into the workforce this fall because these are standard reports that are required in consulting companies. Below is the deliverables part of our project management plan, which included a needs analysis and requirements for our final information product. Our focus was making the report easy to read and well organized.

Follow this link to take a look at the current CICS website.


3.0 Deliverables

        3.0.1 Client: The Deans, Department Chairs, and Unit Chairs of Ball State’s College of Communication, Information, and Media.

3.1 Analysis of Requirements

       3.1.1 New content for the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS)  website.

3.2 Deliverables

       3.2.1 Twenty-six pages of new website content; approximately up to 5 paragraphs per page.

       3.2.2 CICS homepage content.

       3.2.3 Header and Sub-header page content as listed below.


3.3 Procedure

      3.3.1 OPiN plans to design their final research report around theory, practice, and praxis. Our process plan will be implemented by the methods listed below.

  • Weekly in-person meetings with OPiN team members on Wednesday evenings.
  • Meetings with client as requested by client.
  • Literary review of theories regarding writing and content for the web.
  • Applying science and research into website content.
  • Recording results and key findings; what theories work, what theories do not work, and praxical outcomes.
  • An appendix of all 26 new webpage contents.

3.4 Budget

       3.4.1 Time allocated to this project is May 15 – June 15.

       3.4.2 People allocated to this project are the four OPiN consultants. For website content OPiN will be dividing website content into halves, with each half written by two consultants. Literary review and recommendations will be completed by all four consultants.

3.5 Point of Contact

       3.5.1 Please contact any consultant on our team with any questions. Our contact numbers and emails are below, and any person is available and able to help get you the assistance you need.

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