ICS 698: Introduction

ICS 698: Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Katelyn Zehner and I am currently living in Muncie, Indiana while working towards my Master of Science in Information and Communication Sciences. I will be moving to Chicago, Illinois to work as an Associate IT Consultant after I graduate from the Center for Information and Communication Sciences in July of this year.

A little background on me is that my undergraduate education is from Alma College in Michigan, where I studied Business Administration and Psychology. Between my undergraduate and graduate programs, I found myself in management positions, first in the retail industry, and then banking.

My purpose of attending CICS came from the desire to complement my business skills with technology, project management, and user experience knowledge. I would like to learn more about R+D in different industries and on a global scale. Open innovation has been a topic I have also been curious to learn more about since last semester, and look forward to exploring it in ICS 698. I am eager to begin this class and learn from each of my team members, which has been my favorite part of CICS thus far!

Please add me to your LinkedIn so we can remain in touch throughout our careers. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kzehner/

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