Cloud and Pizza

Cloud and Pizza

Albert Barron, a Software Architect at IBM, summarizes the three key services offered
in cloud computing using an analogy everyone can relate to: pizza. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is similar to getting a frozen
pizza, the ingredients are provided, but the pizza is still required to be cooked and served, in order
to enjoy the meal. IaaS provides the foundation such as servers and hardware, but companies are
responsible for the rest of the layers. When getting delivery, or Platform as a Service (PaaS), the vendor supplies a
product that is cooked, but the user is responsible for serving the pizza. In PaaS, this means that
the customer’s responsibility is to run the application and manage the data. Relative to when one
goes out to eat and does not have to prepare, cook or serve the pizza, Software as a Service (SaaS) also provides the full
product and service. The customer uses a vendor to perform all of the nine functions, as described
below (G2 Tech Group, 2014).

Figure 1: Definitions from Newton’s Telecom Dictionary 2011


Term Definition
Application “A software program that carries out some useful task…Applications run on top of operating systems” (p. 136).
Data “A representation of facts, concepts, or instructions in a formalized manner” (p. 348).
Runtime “The amount of time it takes the CPU to execute a program or perform an operation” (p. 1000).
Middleware “Software which sits between layers of software to make the layers below and on the side work with each other. Essentially, middleware serves as a translation mechanism” (p. 747).
OS “A software program which manages the basic operations of a computer system” (p. 839). Examples: Windows, Linux
Virtualization “Virtualization puts a bunch of computing and networking facilities together in such a way that it looks like a virtual computer to a user or customer.  Virtualization hides the reality from the users, but keeps them happy with the service” (1235).
Servers A computer or computer program used to pass data over a network
Storage Records and retains information
Networking Use of a network to connect computers and related things (printers, databases) together. Example: LANs, WANs


G2 Tech Group. (2014, August 6). Welcome to the World of Acronyms. Retrieved from

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  1. KEZ
    good post, though in your text I think spelling out the acronyms when first used (e.g. PaaS) would help the user and increase readability.

    I appreciated the table of definitions too, with the source citation.

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