R&D Gets the Degree

R&D Gets the Degree

What differentiates a Master’s Degree from other degrees is the use of applied research. This means that in these programs students take preexisting research and learn how to use it in professional settings. However, this does not go as far as doctoral degrees that focus on the creation of original research.

In the Center for Information and Communication Sciences, candidates seek to earn a Master of Science. In order to achieve this, one must make their way through the rigorous and research-heavy curriculum. Human communication, networking, research methods, and policy are just a few of the areas that are delved into by all students. There are also several elective areas of study including but not limited to network security, web programming, and R&D management.

Within the coursework, candidates must hone their research abilities. Whether it’s a group paper over network security or a collaborative effort to deliver the best user experience of an IoT device, both research and development are paramount. Personally, I have experienced tremendous growth during my time in CICS. No matter where my future leads me, the ability to research and apply it will set me up for success.

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  1. JV,
    A good post with astute observation of the strategic value of research competencies.
    Research ability helps us professionally, and even personally, for our own personal and family issues, how to research for jobs, and even on the best approaches to solving ordinary problems.

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