R&D Project Management Plan: Risk Management

R&D Project Management Plan: Risk Management

I am currently part of a team in an R&D Management Capstone class in the Center for Information and Communication Sciences at Ball State University. As part of team 3, otherwise known as OPiN Consulting, we have been tasked with managing a project as an entrepreneurial R&D consulting group. Below is a part of a project management plan that we did for overhauling the CICS website.



4.0 Risks

4.1 List of Potential Risks in Creation of New Website Content

  • Our systematic thinking may result in theories that will not be applicable in praxis.
    • e. Not wanting a user to click 3 or more times to get anywhere could be unrealistic.
  • Content may overlap due to consultants working individually to put together a cohesive result.
  • Content may have gaps due to prioritization of key elements.
  • The timeline may be too rigid to get certain aspects from outside sources.
    • e. The busy schedules of Alumni may not allow time for them to provide their stories.
  • Content may not fit well within the established design parameters.
  • Client may feel the content is either too dense or too sparse.
  • Drawing away from the client’s intention by highlighting the wrong aspect.
  • Overestimation of our web design skills.


4.2 Risk Management

4.2.1 To mediate these risks, OPiN will meet weekly on Wednesdays to check progress and make sure we are covering all areas without overlapping. We will also make time-sensitive content that relies on an outside source our first priority so that we give as much time as possible for those sources. We will also meet with the client before the deadline to make sure we have everything they’re looking for and can make any changes necessary within the timeline. Finally we will consult with subject matter experts to ensure our design meets quality standards and functions accordingly.

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