SpongeBob TechPants: Bringing IT R&D to Entertainment

SpongeBob TechPants: Bringing IT R&D to Entertainment

Technology is increasingly rising to the forefront of every aspect of our lives. This is evidenced even in entertainment. Earlier this month, Nickelodeon launched the Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab. “The Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab will spearhead long-range research and development efforts around new technologies for Nick and its audience, including real-time rendering, virtual cinema, virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality and artificial intelligence. The lab will focus on building prototypes to test new ideas, collaborating on innovation with creators, and shaping strategy around production capabilities to fuel future content opportunities” (Petski, 2017).

This is an intriguing venture. The focus has shifted from simply creating captivating story lines and high quality visuals to finding new avenues for delivering that entertainment across devices and platforms. There is also more importance placed on the quality of the delivery aspects such as speed and rendering.

R&D practices like this will only continue to grow in prominence going forward. There will be a higher need for collaboration between entertainment providers and technical professionals to continue to provide the best product to the users. The possibilities are interesting to say the least.





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