Taking a Bite of the Apple: R&D Spending

Taking a Bite of the Apple: R&D Spending

Companies have numerous areas in which to allocate funds in their budgets. As we progress technologically, companies have had to invest more and more in research and development (R&D). There is nowhere this is more vital than the tech industry.

When thinking of the tech industry, Apple is likely the first company to come to mind. So, naturally one would think they must spend the most money of any on R&D. However in 2014 there were 5 companies that each spent more annually than Apple’s $7.1 billion.

These 5 companies include:

  • Samsung- $12.6 billion
  • Microsoft- $12.1 billion
  • Intel- $11.7 billion
  • Google- $10.5 billion
  • Amazon- $10 billion

(More information can be found here.)

Samsung is seen here to be the highest spender in the tech industry. They’re also arguably Apple’s biggest rival considering Samsung’s Galaxy and Apple’s iPhone being the two most popular cell phones. Samsung’s position in R&D spending has not changed. They’re still on top having spent $13 billion on R&D in 2016.

TheĀ five tech companies that follow are:

  • Intel- $12.4 billion
  • Alphabet- $12.3 billion
  • Microsoft- $12.3 billion
  • Huawei- $9.3 billion
  • Apple- $8.3 billion

One can see that Apple and Samsung have both retained their respective positions with some changes in between. It’s also worth noting that spending for these companies has increased. This is due to the growing need for quality R&D and innovation. We should expect these factors to keep trending in this direction well into the future.



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  1. JV
    Thank you for an informative post.
    Interesting to see the relative positions of these leading companies.
    NB the ascension of Huawei, the newcomer in the neighborhood.

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