ICS 698: Introduction

ICS 698: Introduction

Hello class,

My name is John Vellenga and I’m currently working on my Master of Science Degree in the Center for Information and Communication Sciences at Ball State University. I will be graduating in July of this year. I have yet to secure a position for after graduation but I am seeking something in the area of Business Analyst, Project Manager, or Consultant.

My undergraduate degree was obtained from Ball State University as well. Here I majored in photojournalism with minors in telecommunications and psychology. I took a few years off between my graduate and undergraduate studies where I found that a career in photojournalism was not a viable for myself.

I decided to join CICS in hopes of building professional and technical acumen as well as forming a defined career path. I believe that ICS 698 will help tremendously in these pursuits. I have always learned a great deal from Dr. Gillette’s classes so I am positive that this course will not deviate from that pattern.

You are more than welcome to connect with me via my LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-vellenga-a6672646/

-John Vellenga

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