Plagiarism in the Life of a Professional

Plagiarism in the professional world as a scientist is not taken lightly.  Everything that a scientist does ends in a report of some kind.  How authentic would a scientist be if it was known that the scientist plagiarized his/her work and then submitted it for the whole world to see? It would be terrible and could potentially ruin the reputation of the scientist as well as the outlet in which the report was sent out.  This is why plagiarism has to be taken very seriously in the professional world.

There are many motives for a professional to plagiarize all of them are completely unethical and can never be justified fully.  The most common reason for plagiarizing is the conveniency.  People think that they are clever enough to be able to get away with plagiarism and can fool people who read their material.  They either do not want to spend them time fully researching a topic or do not care enough to do the research; so what is the next best thing? Plagiarism.  They steal other people’s work and post it as their own.  Most people do get caught when they attempt to plagiarize someone else’s work.

In today’s world there are a ton of different ways to scan an article and determine if it was plagiarized or not.  This is how most academic establishments find out who the plagiarizers are. As technology progresses more and more, plagiarism will become less of an issue. Professionals will see that needs to be authentic because if its not it will be found out and repercussions will be had.

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