Business Collaboration using Web 2.0

Web 2.0 started with Instant Messaging (IM), the ability to send messages to people from a computer, much similar to texting between phones.  This technology has been out for more than 20 years and jump started web 2.0 in the process.  Being able to dynamically chat with whoever they wanted was a capability that everyone wanted and used, and now it is used in businesses today. Businesses are now starting to use collaboration software in their business environments now whether it is a laptop, a computer, or a phone giving them the ability to collaborate in ways that were not possible 20 years ago.

Programs like Salesforce, Sharepoint, and Office 365 are used by enterprises today to enhance productivity and collaboration between employees.  One of the main functions of these programs is IM.  IM is the more simple version to email.  Sending another employee a message about a project or a meeting can help increase productivity because the conversation can flow more naturally than through email.

Another good thing about collaboration software is the ability to easily talk between employees and share files with people.  Before these programs existed businesses would rely on file servers and email to send data to each other and to talk amongst themselves.  Now however, these collaboration softwares allow users to talk instantly with each other all on a single platform.  Having all of these service packaged into one product has allowed businesses to increase productivity extremely.

Overall business is always changing and the best ways of doing things is constantly evolving.  Business collaboration is one of those ever changing concepts. Having an efficient and effective business helps the business produce better outputs and in the end makes the business more money.



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